Ludhiana teen kills minor and chops body into 6 parts


Ludhiana teen kills minor and chops body into 6 parts

In a disturbing incident reported from Punjab’s Ludhiana, a 16-year-old boy has been detained Saturday morning for killing a nine-year-old minor boy, chopping his body into six pieces, eating the flesh and drinking the blood.

The spine-chilling crime came to light after Deepu’s parents approached police on Tuesday. After examining CCTV footage from the area it was found that Deepu was last seen along the teenager. Police then detained the accused, who later confessed to killing the boy and also eating the boy’s flesh.

The accused, who is a class VIII student took Deepu to his home on January 17 on the pretext of giving him some kite string. He later strangled Deepu and cut his body into pieces, before putting them in a sack and dumping them in a vacant plot in the city’s Dugri area. The teenager removed the victim’s heart from his body and threw it on the premises of his school with an intention to bring a bad name to the school. After speaking to the parents of the accused, the police came to know that he was fond of eating raw chicken and also eat his own skin at times.

Deputy commissioner of police Bhupinder Singh said, “This is a case of cannibalism as the boy craves for human flesh. He told us that he would often want to eat raw chicken. At times he even craved to eat his own limbs, he said.”