Kollywood celebs lash out at RGV for his degrading remarks

ram gopal varma

Kollywood celebs lash out at RGV for his degrading remarks

Director Ram Gopal Varma known for his sensational mid-night tweets has yet again landed himself in trouble for speaking against traditional bull-taming sport Jallikattu. RGV took to his twitter handle and wrote “Celebrities are supporting for votes and tickets. But who can support poor innocent voiceless animals from barbaric torture? If poor innocent animals also had voting power and could buy tickets no celebrity would have dared to support”.

In his outburst, Ramu pointed that Govt allows harassment of bulls for cultural entertainment but restricts filmmakers even to show a crow or dog. He termed Jallikattu as barbarous as the bulls were poked with knives, tortured with nose ropes, ears/horns cut and tail boned dislocated. Kollywood celebs expressed shock over RGV comments and lash out at the director for his degrading remarks on the ongoing Jallikattu protest and the attitude of Tamils.

Venkat Prabhu tweeted, “Yes saar done!! Please come to #alanganalur and u can ask us personally!! We are more than happy to have u there😊 @RGVzoomin. Ram gopal Varma!! Nee #alanganurukku vaamaaaaa!! @RGVzoomin”.

Comedian Sathish said, “Iththanai thamizhargalin unarvugalai kaayap paduththugiraye Ram Gopal Varma… Unakkulam nalla saavu varuma..?? Pls ask someone to translate”

Director Ram said, “@RGVzoomin We are ashamed that we treated you as a director in TN till date. If you want to know what’s barbarism watch your own movies. @RGVzoomin Mr. RGV, I’m Ram, film director frm TN. V understud that u donno anything abt Culture, History, Anthropology, and Geopolitics.”

Prasanna said, “@RGVzoomin I will bear the expenses to treat this mentally retarded… pls reserve a bed in kilpauk”