Kamal Haasan bats for Jallikattu, suggests ‘ban on biryani’

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Kamal Haasan bats for Jallikattu, suggests ban on biryani

Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan on Monday came out in support of the traditional rural sport of Jallikattu (taming of bulls), which is associated with the Pongal festivities in January every year.

Speaking at the India Today South Conclave in Chennai, Kamal Haasan said, “For thousands of years it has been known as a sport where we embrace the bull. It is not to be confused with what happens in Spain.”

“If you want a ban on jallikattu, let’s also ban biryani…I am one of the few Kollywood actors who has been a part of jallikattu. It does not involve winning r harming the bull but more about who can stay with the bull for the longest on the ground” Kamal said.

Earlier, Simbu aka STR has released a statement asking to lift ban on Jallikattu. He stated “I am voicing my opinion not just as STR an individual but also as a son of this soil which is rich in culture, heritage and valour. I am awaiting to see the raging bulls and the courageous men together in the arena promoting the sport of velour this Pongal itself. After all this is our festival, our culture and our sport.”