Jallikattu protesters set Ice House police station on fire

jallikattu protests violent

Jallikattu protesters set Ice House police station on fire

Tensions ran high as police on Monday tried to disperse the protesters from the Marina Beach where people were protesting seeking lifting of ban on the bull-taming sport. The protests turned violent today after retreating agitators torched Ice House Police Station near Marina Beach in Chennai. The police officials doused the fire with the help of fire enxtinguishers.

Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu says some parties are trying to take the advantage of Jallikattu protests and create anti-Centre sentiment.

“Some parties are trying to create anti-Centre feeling. What is the mistake the Modi government done? The Congress and DMK are supporting this. I have no problem with the youths and other people who have genuine feelings that the native sport should be allowed,” he said.

On Sunday, the Tamil Nadu government made an ordinance public, which exempted the sport from the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960, and insisted that it is indeed the permanent solution that protesters have been asking for.

At around 5am on Monday, police gave protesters, at least 7,000, a copy of the ordinance and explained the steps taken by the government asking them to leave.

“Few protesters went out and many remained adamant after we asked them to disperse peacefully,” said a senior police official.

The majority of the protesters were cleared out at Marina Beach by noon and only a couple of thousand stay put close to the shore. Some protesters who were earlier evicted reportedly rejoined the protests by sneaking in through another place.

Actor Kamal Haasan on Sunday slammed the animal rights advocacy group Peta for its opposition to jallikattu, saying it was “not qualified to tackle” Indian bulls and asking it to try and ban “bull-riding rodeos in Mr Trump’s US.”

Haasan said “people at long last are getting a taste of true democracy”. “Gone are the days of leaders. We need humble pathfinders & social reformers,” Haasan tweeted